Advanced Metal & Print Solutions

Since its founding in 1969, Metalgrapho (Pty) Ltd has established a reputation for delivering market aware technical innovation and enduring customer satisfaction. Using the latest technologies and production techniques, we are committed to supplying products which have met professional design and application requirements.

Our products are the highest standards ensuring consistency of performance and quality which meet the full requirements of our clients.

Advanced Metal & Print Solutions


From advertising specialties,posters to full-colour graphics, Metalgrapho has the tools and expertise to fulfill any solvent or UV digital printing requirement.

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Utilising the latest CAD/CAM software from leading developers,the company’s policy of 'thought to finish' is well supported.

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Our expertise in precision technology enables us to manufacture membrane switches and control panels to your specifications, providing complete engineering and graphics services. From household appliances to helicopter and submarine applications, Metalgrapho has the proficiency to design and manufacture membrane switches to suit any need.

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Wayfinding & Signage

We manufacture, deliver and install specialized signage and cut-out lettering. After almost four decades in the industry, we have mastered the art of applying complex graphics onto almost any surface.

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Some of our clients

Our dedication and commitment to providing quality tailored solutions has been instrumental in Metalgrapho’ acquisition of noteworthy clients. If you want to find out more about our experience within a specific industry, get in contact and we will gladly share our feats with you.

Some of the heavyweights under our belt include:

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